easy bun hairstyles

30 Cute and Easy Bun Hairstyles for Long and Medium Hair

Your outfit should not be the only thing that shines when you go out. Your hairstyle can take your look a notch higher than others. Time immemorial, every girl has been a big fan of those Disney princesses who had gorgeous, long hair that looked out of the world.

Trying out a new hairstyle every time you get out of the house will make you stand out.

We can agree cute buns have always been a favorite because it looks classy and is easy to make. Whether you are going to work or attending an event, a bun can be a perfect option to spice up your outfit.

And if you love to create comfortable and cute bun hairstyles, then you should follow these DIY tips and tricks that will make your job easier.

Simple Hacks

• To hold your bun longer, always use spin hairpins instead of Bobby pins.
• Do not use any anti-frizz products on your hair. You can use a comb with boar bristles to remove any dirt.
• To get more volume in your hair, use big rollers.
• Use elastic hair bands to get a sexy look as you tie up your hair around the band.


If you are someone who loves fashion, then you should try out different types of hairstyles.


1. High bun with braids.

High bun with braids

This high bun is a gorgeous bun hairstyle perfect for those dramatic parties to pair with a beautiful gown or dress. It looks elegant and classy. A pair of stunning drop earrings with a necklace will complete the look.


2. Twisted Low Bun.

Twisted Low Bun

This simple hairstyle is easy to make and gives off that effortless look.

• Part your hair into three parts, and take the middle section to make a low bun. Leave the remaining two parts untouched.
• Now, twist the hair on both sides, one at a time to go over the middle bun. Secure the bun at last with a twist or spin pin.


3. The Twisted Bun.

The Twisted Bun

Thi twisted bun is one of the natural and cute bun hairstyles that every girl should try once. You need to part your hair into two parts and make a knot in the center. Now, twist both the sides, one at a time, and make a bun. To hold the bun in its place, use spin pins.

This cute bun also looks like a Rose, if done correctly. You can finish up the look with some jeweled hair accessories.


4. Low Knotted Bun.

Low Knotted Bun

Here is another one of easy bun hairstyle that takes hardly a few minutes to make. Make a low ponytail, tie a knot, and secure the remaining hair around the knot as a bun. Don’t forget to keep some hair loose in the sides to give that messed up look.


5. High Messy Bun.

High Messy Bun

So, you are ready with that gorgeous wedding gown and all the accessories, but you seem clueless about your hairstyle. Well, this bun is perfect with a backless or strapless wedding dress to add that wow factor.


6. Half-Bun.


The half bun is for a sophisticated look that also makes you look savvy and sexy. Pair it with distressed denim and a simple t-shirt, and you are good to go.


7. Cornrows High Bun.

Cornrows High Bun

Cornrows look beautiful and are an integral part of the African culture. So, those lucky ladies who have cornrows can go for this easy bun hairstyle on a casual day.


8. Roll-the-whole hairstyle.

Roll-the-whole hairstyle

For this easy bun, you need to roll the hair into a low bun. Pair it up with some studs to finish the look. This hairstyle roll is an easy way to make a bun.


9. High Dome Bun.

High Dome Bun

Girls with curly hair will love this cute bun. If you don’t have curly hair, then for this hairstyle, roll your hair using a curling iron to get some curls and try out this look.


10. Bow Bun.

Bow Bun

Tie your hair in a simple ponytail so that the pony can be inserted in the elastic band. Now, separate the ends of the pony in two parts and secure it to cover the elastic band so that it looks like a bow.


11. High satin bun.

High satin bun

For this look, tie your hair into a high ponytail and twist the hair around the elastic band completely covering it. This hairstyle looks good with very smooth hair, making the bun look like a satin bun.


12. High Curly Bun.

High Curly Bun

It is a hairstyle meant for brides on their wedding day. Highlights in your hair will make it look beautiful. You can also use jeweled hairpins or artificial bows to accessorize the bun.


13. Ballerina Bun.

Ballerina Bun

Make a high ponytail with an elastic band. Twist your hair and tie it around the elastic band with a loose knot. Take the free end and secure it around the band with pins. The ballerina bun is a perfect hairstyle for that sexy look on your date.


14. The 90’s Hairstyle.

The 90’s Hairstyle

For this look, you need to divide your hair into two parts and make two ponytails. Take a ponytail, twist the hair, and roll it as a bun and secure with a pin. Do the same on the other side so that you have two cute buns.


15. Wrapped Low Bun.

Wrapped Low Bun

You will love this easy bun as it hardly takes 5 minutes to make. It is perfect for casual or formal events.


16. Tucked up hairstyle.

Tucked up hairstyle

You need to make a low ponytail and keep the rubber band loose so that it reaches the pony’s tip. After spinning the hair upwards, secure it with a pin. You can use floral headbands with this hairstyle.


17. Pan caked bun of braids.

Pan caked bun of braids

This hairdo looks good with a classic bow. You can put embellished bows to match your outfit. It will go well with a dress having a low embellished neckline and earrings.


18. Messy Bun.

Messy Bun

This hairstyle roll is an easy way to make a bun. Make a messy bun at the top of your head and secure it with pins. Leave a few strands loose to complete the look.


19. Low rolled loose Chignon.

Low rolled loose Chignon

It is an easy bun hairstyle that goes well with open neckline dresses and necklaces. It gives a chic look when you let some hair strands loose in the sides. To achieve the perfect finish in this hairstyle, roll the bangs on the sides to get the wavy look.


20. Cross over Bun.

Cross over Bun

This hairstyle is perfect for wavy hair and will look classy with jumpsuits or hot pants.


21. Top Knot easy bun hairstyles.

Top Knot easy bun hairstyles

To pull off this hairstyle, wear a pair of feathery earrings. You can also wear your coat in dark colors to get a different look. If you are wearing a party gown, then ditch the studs and wear a gorgeous necklace.


22. Crown Bun.

Crown Bun

Wear this hairstyle with casuals or formals and give off that statement look. You can also wear it with a sexy outfit that has a deep neckline. Instead of earrings, wear a detailed necklace.


23. Low Chignon Bun.

Low Chignon Bun

Low Chignon is a classy hairstyle that is nothing but a braid tied as a bun. It is perfect for a formal event as it gives off a professional vibe. For a more casual look, keep the bun a little loose.


24. Rolled Side Bun.

Rolled Side Bun

Make a French braid and tie it up as a low bun on any side. To complete the hairstyle, have asymmetrical bangs on the same side of the bun for that sexy look.


25. Cornrows Bun.

Cornrows Bun

Make cornrows and tie up your hair in a bun at the top, then secure it with pins. You can make a knot while making the bun.


26. Sleeked low-Bun Knots.

Sleeked low-Bun Knots

Highlighted and sleek straight hair will give you that flawless look with this hairstyle. You need to get a low ponytail and tie a knot at the hair’s root. It is a perfect hairstyle for a date with your partner.


27. Waterfall Braided Bun.

Waterfall Braided Bun

Make a French waterfall braid, starting from the top. As you reach the bottom part, collect the rest of the hair, and secure it as a low bun.


28. Flower Braided Bun.

Flower Braided Bun

For this look, you need to create a French braid in reverse ‘S.’ Take the braid and tie it as a low bun that looks like a flower. You can loosen the braids a little to give the effect of petals. Finish the look with a simple jeweled hairpin.


29. Single Bow Low Bun Hairstyle.

Single Bow Low Bun Hairstyle

This bun looks great on medium hair and will go well with a casual outfit. You just need to make a low ponytail and fasten the ends to the rubber band.


30. Triple Mini Braided Buns.

Triple Mini Braided Buns

For this hairstyle, You need to part your hair into three sections starting from the top. Take the top part and make a braid, now tie this braid as a bun. Repeat this with the other two sections. This hairstyle gives off a glamorous look.



The more you practice, the better you will become. These easy bun hairstyles are a great way to break the boredom and spice up your look. Hairstyle rolls, buns, or curls always give an edge to your everyday hair.