Fall Outfit For 2020

10 Trendy Fall Outfit For 2020

Most of us love the hot summer weather, but before you can remember, the summer season will end, and with it will begin the fall. It means you will be looking for a little more coverage, such as sweaters and actual pants. If you are looking for some trendy outfits to show off this fall in 2020, you have come to the right place.


Let’s go down the memory lane. I had written a post on the ten fall looks to recreate last year, which became a trendy post. You should note that the previous year’s fall outfits were a collection of my favorite looks. But with a new year brings a new trendy outfit.

As such, I have decided to include some of my most pinned fall outfits for this autumn fashion post. Of course, some of these outfits will be a repetition from my last year’s post. Nonetheless, most of them are a new addition.


Before we dive further, you should note that these outfits are by no means in a particular order. I have also linked each look with a similar outfit to help you recreate these trendy outfits on your own. Following are my top 10 pinned fall outfits, which I have shared on Pinterest.


  • Look #1:

Fall Outfit 2020

This look is one of the most pinned fall outfits. If you are familiar with last year’s roundup, it is not surprising to notice that this look is repetitive. I included this outfit in this fashion post because this look has received many pinned and re-pinned.


  • Look #2:

I bought this outfit in California. However, at that time, I was living in Vancouver. I included this outfit because it is the type of outfit that I like to wear daily during the fall season.


  • Look #3:

This look is also a repetition from my last year’s roundup. Additionally, I had posted this outfit back in 2014. So it might be quite an old look. But if you are looking for a cozy outfit for autumn, then consider this outfit.


  • Look #4:

This look is another most pinned fall outfit. It is not only the perfect dress for the fall but also considerably affordable. The price for the scarf and the dress was below 50 dollars.


  • Look #5:

This look is another trendy fall outfit for 2020. It is also from one of my popular blog posts, which I shared in my blogging story.


  • Look #6:

This outfit is one of my initial autumn looks. I had included this look way back in my 2014 post. Despite its being quite old, I still love this trendy outfit, especially my braids.


  • Look #7:

This look is another trendy fall outfit for 2020. The best thing I like about this look is that I can show off my ruffles, which perfectly complement the dress.


  • Look #8:

This outfit was essentially from this spring season in Atlanta. I included in my fashion post for autumn because it is one of my most pinned fall outfits.


  • Look #9:

This look is another trendy outfit for autumn, especially for chilly days. You can also pair this outfit with boots and tights.


  • Look #10:

This outfit is not only suitable for autumn but also spring season. I bought this outfit in Vancouver last fall.



The above-listed looks are the ten trendy autumn outfits for 2020. You can use the comment section to let me know your favorite one from the above.