owl themed jewelry

7 Gorgeous Jewelry Ideas For Owl Lover

Jewelry never goes out of style, do they?

In fact, the very fundamental concept of sporting jewelry is to help you keep up with the latest trend.

The animal kingdom, in particular, has inspired a plethora of jewelry ideas over the years. And, amongst those trends, Owl-themed jewelry, in particular, has found huge pop culture popularity.

The nocturnal animal is a representation of wisdom and femininity in the animal kingdom. No wonder why it has found such massive admiration amongst the jewelry enthusiasts.

Also, owl pendants and necklaces are perfect for sporting a quirky, yet elegant and fresh look.

So, here is 7 gorgeous jewelry you can buy now for all the owl lovers out there.


  1. Top Plaza 7 Chakra Stone Bread Bracelet

Chakra Stone Bread Bracelet

If you’re on the lookout for a bracelet that blends the perfect combination of elegance and style, this bracelet form Top Plaza is a good option.

As the name suggests, the bracelet has a 7-chakra stone design. Each stone represents different spiritual chakras of your body. This, in turn, helps you meditate properly and provide stress relief as well.

The lava bead rocks, chakra stones, and the owl charm are all made of high-quality material that makes it extremely comfortable to wear even for a prolonged duration.


  1. PORPI-JOJO Stretch Bracelets (3-PCS)

Stretch owl Bracelets

This stretch bracelet from PORPI-JOJO makes for a perfect gift choice for your loved ones (women) for any occasion.

The bracelet has a distinctive corn chain design that gives it a unique chic appeal. What’s more compelling is that it comes as a three-piece bracelet with varying sizes and colors (Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold).

The corn chain, along with the owl charm, is made of high-quality (cubic zirconia) alloy. This material possesses both anti-allergic and long color retention capacity to minimize wrist irritation even after prolonged usage.

You can also get the bracelet in a wide variety of charm options as well.


  1. JUSTKIDSTOY Owl Necklace Crescent Moon Pendant

Owl Necklace Crescent Moon Pendant

Looking for a perfect gift for your mother? Well, this exquisite owl crescent moon pendant might just be what you’re searching for.

The pendant has an elegant and unique charm design representing the beautiful bond between a mother and the child. You can also choose from the other two charm designs as well.

The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver material that is both of premium grade quality and polished as well. The necklace offers exquisite comfort and is also hypoallergenic suited for women of different ages.


  1. GDDX Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

As apparent by its description, this necklace isn’t just another piece of owl-themed jewelry. Its impressive craftsmanship is something quite exotic and chic, worth showing off amongst your friends.

The tree of life theme pendant represents immortality, healing, good luck, and beauty. The pendant is made of high-grade 925 sterling silver material with good hypoallergenic properties and is 100% safe for sensitive skin.

What’s worth mentioning is that the pendant comes pre-packed in a stylish jewelry gift box, so you can gift it straight away.


  1. MOLOCH Tree of Life Owl Necklace

Tree of Life Owl Necklace

For those owl charm junkies who love to display their love for the nocturnal animal boldly, the MOLOCH owl necklace is an ideal option.

Usually, in most traditional cases, the plethora of design elements can be quite overwhelming. This, in turn, can make it hard to identify the owl charm design.

However, this is not the case for the MOLOCH owl necklace. The owl charm design is the obvious star of the necklace. The necklace is inspired by the “Owl of Athena.”

The filigree tree is carved inside the body, giving it an exquisite and quirky appeal, making it ideal for a diverse range of occasions.


  1. YOYOMA Lucky Owl Drop Earrings

Lucky Owl Drop Earrings

This dangling owl drop earrings from YOYOMA is the ideal mix of magnificence with a timeless classic look.

The beautiful gold plating around the edges (other color options available) embedded with flawless crystal gives the earring its distinctive chic appearance. The earring is made of a combination of different materials (stainless steel, copper, and cubic zirconia), making it extremely durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

The earring is also vacuum plated and does not tarnish easily, so you can expect a good life out of it as well.


  1. LUHE Sterling Silver Owl Earrings

Sterling Silver Owl Earrings

If you’re looking for something sophisticated and high quality, this silver owl earrings from LUHE fits the bill perfectly.

The earring is a perfect combination of unique aesthetic appeal with the assurance of premium-grade quality material. The earring blends in with almost any type of outfit effortlessly, and are conveniently comfortable to wear.

The earring is made from premium-grade 925 sterling silver material. This material is free from copper, nickel, and cadmium, and provides good resistance against tarnish and allergy as well.