15 Trendy Baddie Hairstyles That You Need To Try

If you love to snoop around Instagram, then you may have noticed one trend. This year is all about being a baddie and sporting the best baddie hairstyles to look smart and sophisticated.

But, you might be thinking, who exactly is a baddie?

Well, take Kylie Jenner-the the youngest self-made billionaire is a perfect example of a baddie. Her style statement is always sassy and chic.

So, a baddie always has proper make-up and hairstyles that match her clothes and shoes. She is walking the steps with her latest trends and doesn’t bother about any drama happening around her.

She has all the curves in the right places and can rock any outfit that she wears. Whether it’s a sweatshirt or a one-shoulder backless dress, she can rock any outfit in any color.

So, if you have what it takes to be a baddie, you should start with your hairstyle.

Let us look at some statement styles that will help you flaunt the baddie hairstyles with ease.


  1. Vibrant Blunt Bob.

Vibrant Blunt Bob

If you have seen Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, you will agree that this sleek bob tops the baddie hairstyles list.

In blunt bobs, the hair is cut in a straight line without any layers or textures. You can also adorn this hairstyle using some affordable wigs available on Amazon. This hairdo is a necessary item for a baddie’s closet.

And to make it more trendy, make sure you sport a vibrant color like deep blue or purple.


  1. Cornrows.


If you want to look tough, then cornrows are the perfect hairstyle that you need to sport.

Although for beginners, it is not an easy hairstyle to master and will need lots of practice. You can also get professional help to get cornrows.

If you have short hair, you can spice up your look using feed-in hair in different colors.


  1. Half-Up Fountain Pony.

Half-Up Fountain Pony

The Half-Up Fountain Pony is one of my favorite baddie hairstyles that is chic and edgy. This hairstyle has become a common trend among celebrities like Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian. This half chic bun is easy to style and will amp up your baddie looks.


  1. Slayed Edges.

Slayed Edges

Edges are the small baby hair that grows near the hairline.

In this hairstyle, the edges are smoothed out and shaped into different designs near the hairline. You can get this look using a toothbrush and edge control gel.

As a baddie, it’s best if you keep your hair texture sleek and polished.


  1. A Slick Bun.

A Slick Bun

Baddies are known for their attitude to carry themselves in any way they want. So, when they want to go all-natural, then what better way other than a slick bun. This hairdo is all about putting your natural hair in a bun but topping that with a sleek look.


  1. The Half-Up Top Slipknot.

The Half-Up Top Slipknot

This hairstyle gives all the right vibes about being a baddie at heart. It cannot be pulled off effortlessly by just anyone.

I love the fact that this top knot hairstyle finds a place in the baddie hairstyles list.

If you have absolute straight hair or wavy hair, then this is a match made in heaven for your hair. So, what if you have very curly hair?

For curly hair beauties, a wig can give you the same look paired with some modifications in the technique.


  1. The Infamous Pigtails.

The Infamous Pigtails

Pigtails are generally associated with little girls and were very trendy in the 2000s. Just how the fashion of that era has made a comeback, pigtails have also found a spot in our baddie hairstyles list.

To pull off this baddie hairstyle, you can wear your pigtails in full or even half-up hairstyles.


  1. Clipped Up.

Clipped Up

Another style that has made a comeback is wearing clips on your hair. It is a very cool trend and is perfect for literally any hair texture.

You need to wear colorful snap-on clips or butterfly clips to make your hair look pretty. The more creative the clips are, the better you will look.


  1. Accent Braids.

Accent Braids

This hairstyle is a perfect contender for the baddie hairstyle list. Accent braids are nothing but small braids that can be added anywhere in the hair.

This hairstyle creates a statement when two french braids are made from the hairline to the crown. You can either wear this hairstyle alone or pair it off with another hairstyle.


  1. Space Buns.

Space Buns

Well, just as they say, “Two is better than One.”

That’s why most of the baddie hairstyles are two pigtails, two braids, or two buns.

Space buns are two buns made on the two sides of your head. The bigger and more texture the buns have, the better you can perfect the look.


  1. Long Sleek Hair.

Long Sleek Hair

Having long and sleek hair is a necessity to be a baddie that can slay with their looks. It doesn’t matter, even if your hair is fake, you can still pull off this look.

To look like a total baddie, let your hair flow along your curves or wear a high ponytail.


  1. Brazilian Body Waves.

Brazilian Body Waves

Baddies love wearing their natural hair texture, and they do it with pride. But sometimes, they also like to take the game a notch higher with wigs and hair extensions.

Brazilian body waves are such flamboyant and fabulous hair texture that is perfect for a glamorous look.


  1. Ultra-High Top Knot.

Ultra-High Top Knot

By now, you know that baddies love their top knots. And for this hairstyle, the higher the bun, the better the look will be.


  1. Boxer Braids.

Boxer Braids

These braids are a perfect symbol of being a baddie. Female boxers usually tie their hair in such braids during a fight.

In this hairstyle, you need to tie two tight braids from the hairline to the base of your neck. You can follow the braids till the length of your hair, or you can also use feed-in hair to make it longer.


  1. Rubber Band Hairstyle.

Rubber Band Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, you need to use rubber bands to tie ponytails on different sections of your hair so that the rubber bands make a pattern on the head.

This hairstyle goes perfectly with the image of a baddie.


General FAQ.

Who is known as a “Baddie” on Instagram?

Someone who always looks perfect with her make-up on, glamorous outfits and a no-nonsense attitude is known as a baddie on Instagram. She has beautiful curves that she loves to flaunt and perfect hairstyles that always look salon ready. This woman may be wearing distressed denim or a bikini; she still looks classy and gorgeous.

So, do you consider yourself as a baddie?

It takes a lot of commitment to achieve such perfect hairstyles, well-done nails, or a complete outfit.

I hope, after reading this, you have an idea where you need to start with if you plan to be a baddie.

But make sure that you don’t flow with what happens on Instagram and term it as reality. On such social media sites, people work hard to project a particular picture of their lifestyle to gain popularity. They are far from being perfect.

What matters most is who you are and what you believe. Once you start believing that you are beautiful the way you are, you will start loving yourself.