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27 Funny Coffee Memes

Coffee Memes- caffeine humor!

It’s impossible to imagine our world without two things- coffee, and yes, memes. They’re probably the two defining features of our times. Bring them together and voila! – you have the coffee meme- sustenance for the souls of lovers of coffee and internet humor.

coffee meme

If there ever was such a thing as a match made in heaven, this would be it.

To begin with, coffee has become an essential part of our daily routine. It charges us with the energy we need to get through long hours. For coffee enthusiasts, just the scent of roasted beans floating through the air is enough to send them into a delightful frenzy.

funny coffee meme

And as for memes, they’ve been around almost since the dawn of the internet itself. They’re humor in its essence- short, sweet, funny, and guaranteed to put you in a better mood. Just a scroll or two through the old 4chan and Reddit feed, or more popularly known social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, and you’re ready to deal with whatever life throws you.

It’s incredible how comedy can be condensed into a small picture with a text or a short gif with a text and not just retain potent humor but excel at it. The meme really is ideal for people who don’t have the time to sit through lengthier elaborate comedy sketches. They’re like good-old one-liners. So, there’s no surprise why the two fit like a hand to a glove.

Take this, for instance. A coffee meme with Yoda in it declaring in his unusual syntax, “EARLY BIRD I AM, COFFEE I MUST.” Or the irresistibly charming Keanu Reeves stopping an onslaught of bullets with his mind saying “WHEN IT’S MONDAY, BUT YOU’VE HAD YOUR COFFEE”- the coffee makes you feel invincible trope.

yoda coffee meme

Not only is it hilarious, but also a really smart reference to Star Wars and The Matrix- two super popular Hollywood sci-fi franchises.

That’s the great thing about memes! The pop-culture references. And coffee is pop-culture. You feel a sense of camaraderie when someone loves the same movies, or cartoons, or celebrities that you do and then couple them with your favorite beverage to deliver you a wholesome package of humor. It couldn’t get any better.

cat coffee meme

If you haven’t been introduced to coffee memes yet, consider this as one. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee and make yourself known to the world of coffee memes.





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