This $500k Cadillac Escalade Looks Like a Private Jet on the Inside

Lexani Motorcars is undoubtedly among the top competitors when it comes to luxurious cars. Their $75,000 plus model, Cadillac Escalade, has already earned a great reputation. And when people thought nothing could get more luxurious than their current model, Lexani Motorcars are back again with their new line of decked-out Escalades that cost around $350,000 and even more.

$500k Cadillac Escalade

One of the most spectacular models in their current line is the Sky Captain. With gold-trimmed tray tables, a massive 48 inch LED TV, and comfortable massaging seats, Lexani’s Sky Captain has interiors similar to a luxurious private jet.


In their super expensive car lines, Lexani sells a few other Escalade-based SUVs like the “Viceroy” and “Concept One.” These luxurious SUVs live up to their expensive-sounding names in every way. Some of their cars are even extended by 30 inches in the back to make the interiors more spacious. Thus, Lexani cars are perfect, even for big groups. Also, Lexani offers to bulletproof their cars for customers who are concerned about their travel safety.


Lexani, no doubt, went all out for their new Cadillacs line. Read on to take a closer look at the Sky Captain model along with some of Lexani’s top-rated Cadillacs:

  • Lexani Motorcars has crossed all expectations with their customized Cadillac Escalade this season. It is called the Sky Captain.

  • Just as the name suggests, Sky Captain looks nothing less than a private jet. The interiors in this car look super luxurious.

  • One of the most expensive features in this car is the airline-style tables. Why expensive? Because the tables are trimmed in 24 karat gold.

  • All the interior walls are lined in high-quality luxury suede. Also, the windows come with curtains for added privacy.

  • The two plush car seats offer both massage and heating functions. Thus, traveling in the new Sky Captain is truly comfortable.

  • The car seats are covered in the finest Italian leathers and can be adjusted in 18 different ways to match any person’s comfort.

  • Traveling for long distances can get boring at times. But Lexani has even taken care of this aspect by providing a massive 48 inch LED TV for entertainment purposes. The TV comes equipped with surround-sound audio.


  • The TV also serves as a privacy partition between the driver’s area and the cabin, which can be easily raised and lowered at the push of a button.

  • While the Sky Captain boasts for its super luxurious jet-like interiors, Lexani’s Concept One has a different kind of edge by including a skylight feature on its ceiling.

  • It features dual 7-inch screens to peep into the outside world.


  • Concept One also features luxurious amenities like an iPad Air and a 40 inch LED TV.

  • Similar to other Lexani models, passengers can easily control the entire entertainment set up through a touchscreen control panel on the center armrest.

  • This luxurious car comes in a 30 inches extended version for passengers that want more space in the back.

  • The interior on this car is a classic black and white combo with the highest quality Italian leather seats and airline-style tables.

  • The extended version also includes a luxurious bar station.

  • Just when things couldn’t get any better, the stretched-out version of Viceroy Ext takes the bar higher with the help of its radiant starlight ceiling for a complete stargazing feel.


  • The extended 30 inches features power footrests that allow passengers to kick back and relax.


  • Another cool feature in the extended Lexani models is the stationary guest seats compared to the foldable ones in non-extended ones.


  • Other exciting features in the Viceroy are – video calling capabilities, Mac Mini, and iPad Pros.
  • Along with such cool features, it also features a glass cabinet to showcase your finest collections.


  • If you’re ready to pay a little extra, Lexani also offers champagne flutes and crystal glasses as part of their VIP amenity package.

  • For added safety, Lexani also offers for armoring on their luxurious cars.


  • Lexani’s armoring packages include up to the B7 level. This can even prevent armor-piercing bullets.


  • All these luxurious models by Lexani roughly start at the cost of $350,000. However, a Lexani spokesperson said that the additional upgrades and armoring might raise the price to up to $500,000.