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10 Simple Ways to Solve Everyday Beauty Problems

It’s been so long since Beauty blogs have invaded the internet, there seem to be several self-help tutorials on YouTube or a blog on the net for every conceivable beauty treatment as well as beauty tips and tricks. In fact, in the US alone, almost 50% of women watch beauty blogs, and nearly 34% emulate tips and advice.

You might think there is nothing left to know. This is where we can prove you wrong! Here is a list of lesser-known remedies for everyday beauty and hygiene issues that plague young women all across the globe.

So get ready to be surprised.


1. Strawberry paste to treat razor burns.

As we know, razor bumps can be painful and irritating. But there is a surprising way to reduce pain and swelling is to mash some strawberries together with sour cream and apply directly to the razor burn for 10-15 minutes.

The beneficial effects of strawberries are connected to their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and their remarkable composition of minerals and vitamin C.


2. Baking soda and lemon to remove stains from your nails.

There are so many reasons for your nails to turn yellowish, among which: nail polish, smoking, liver disease, poor lifestyle habits, and even fungal infection. It is always important to consult a specialist and fight the internal issue, but there are some surprising home remedies to make your nails look better.

One of the best DIY remedies is a mix of lemon and soda, which have bleaching and exfoliating properties. Just make a thick paste mixing one tbsp of soda, half a tsp of olive oil and one tsp of lemon juice.


3. Activated charcoal to whiten teeth.

It is quite surprising to know that activated charcoal can help whiten your teeth. You only have to crush up one tablet of activated charcoal, add a bit of water, and mix it into a paste. Then, gently apply the paste and rinse after 3 minutes.

But you shouldn’t perform this procedure too often as charcoal can be too harsh on your teeth.


4. Black lentils to treat split ends.

Consider using black lentils to help you get rid of split ends. To prepare a hair mask, grind half a cup of black lentils, add one tbsp of fenugreek seeds, and add some yogurt to the mixture. You need to apply the mask to your hair and wash it off with warm water after one hour.


5. Aspirin as a calluses remover.

Calluses are so painful, leads to inflammation, and bad odor. But there is always a solution; aspirin is an excellent remedy for calluses and foot fungus since salicylic acid is its primary metabolite. To get rid of calluses, crush four tablets into a powder and mix it with water and lemon juice.

You must apply the paste to the calluses, cover the surface with a towel, and rinse after 20 minutes. After that, gently rub your feet and dry them. Repeat the procedure twice a week.


6. Avocado to tame frizzy hair.

If you have frizzy hair and this damages your look. Avocado is surprising can fix your damaged hair and save you. For the mask, you need to mash an avocado with some yogurt and apply it to your hair for 45 minutes twice a week.

You’ve better use this mask once a week cause avocado contains useful vitamins for hair repairment and nourishment while yogurt conditions your hair. 


7. Potatoes to treat stretch marks.

For women, stretch marks are a common problem; they appear as a result of skin stretching during pregnancy or adolescence. To get rid of them, use potato juice that contains useful vitamins and minerals promoting the growth and restoration of your skin cells and, as a result, helps make the marks fade.

You only need to rub a potato slice against the mark for several minutes, let it dry, and then rinse with water.

Potato juice won’t magically cure your stretch marks, but it will make them less visible.


8. Spoons to remove eye bags.

We’ve all heard of different remedies to get rid of dark circles and eye bags in the morning like tea bags, cucumbers, and potato slices. But there is a way that does not require any products at all. To remove swelling and puffiness, place cold metal spoons on your eyes for ten minutes before applying makeup.


9. Honey to heal chapped lips.

People often suffer from having dry and cracked lips. It’s is something we’ve all experienced. In fact, lips can become chapped because of either hot or cold weather, allergies, and frequent open-mouth breathing. Due to its moisturizing and healing properties, honey is a traditional method to combat this problem, and it was used in the ancient civilizations of Egypt.

Apply it raw or with some lemon before bedtime, as a mixture with sugar for a scrub, or in combination with cream and rose petals for a lip mask.


10. Lemon with honey to treat acne.

Lemon is known for its antibacterial properties, but did you know that you can also use lemon to fight acne flare-ups? So, to increase the antiseptic properties, combine lemon with honey, and apply this mask twice a week.

In a few weeks, you’ll also notice other benefits, such as a reduction of wrinkles and skin that appears fresh and smooth.