Halloween Angel Makeup

18 Halloween Angel Makeup Ideas You Should Try

Halloween has become a perfect occasion to showcase some mind-blowing makeup skills. The best example is Halloween Angel Makeup creations, where the looks can range from beautiful to creepy. It is all about looking glam and gorgeous, sometimes even devilish, especially for the fallen angels. So, we have put together 18 Halloween angel makeup looks that look like illusions when done correctly.


  1. White Angel

White Angel

Everything about this look is beautiful, right from the costume to the blend of sparkly silver and grey eye shadow. The lips have a soft color, and the finishing touches are silver glitters on the face. This look shows an angel who has descended straight from heaven.


  1. Creepy Angel

Creepy Angel makeup

If you love to dress up for Halloween, then this look is for you. In this look, she has silver lashes, brows, and white contacts. The entire face is blended in silver and adorned with rhinestones and gives off an angel statue’s vibes. This is a fantastic look that may be creepy for some people.


  1. Black Angel

Black Angel makeup

The Black angel look is perfect for Halloween parties as it stays true to the theme of creepy and scary. For this look, artists can use black lip color and black eyeliner with black contacts. Make sure that you add black drips on the face to complete the look. Now, all you need is a black outfit and black wings to complete the look.


  1. Angelic Makeup

Angelic Makeup

This is a soft look for those who want to stand apart in the crowd during a Halloween party. You can see that she has a pale lip color, but the emphasis is on her eyes’ angel wings made with neutral eye shadow. There are clouds design on her face to complete the look.


  1. Half Angel Half Devil

Half Angel Half Devil makeup

With this Halloween Angel makeup, you will look like a devil on one side and an angel on the other side. The angel side is soft and light, while the devil side is dark and red, making it look creepy.


  1. Rainbow Angel

Rainbow Angel

This Halloween angel makeup look is unique as well as beautiful. Here, the angel does not sport a soft and bright look; instead, she has rainbow colors. This Pride-themed angel look stands out because of the sparkly eyebrows and angel wings on the eyes.


  1. Devilish and Angelic Look

Devilish and Angelic Look

In this look, the artist creates an illusion that part of the angel side reveals the devil within her. This is a creepy look and will scare anyone at a Halloween party.


  1. Simple Angelic Makeup

Simple Angelic Makeup

This simple look will suit anyone and can be perfect for last-minute Halloween parties. All you need is silver eye shadow for the eyes, a flower crown, and angel wings to create this look.


  1. White and Gold Angel

White and Gold Angel

It is a perfect look to wow everyone at a Halloween party. She is wearing gold glitter eye shadow along with gold stars and tears. A golden crown and red lips complete the look. You can also use a halo in place of the crown.


  1. Cute Angel

Cute Angel

In this Halloween Angel makeup look, the girl is wearing nude eye shadow with white eyeliner. What stands out is the gold glitter under the eyes that project the tears of the angel. It is both creepy as well as a cute look, which is perfect for Halloween.


  1. Blue Angel

Blue Angel

The next angel makeup is another stunning and unique look. Instead of the usual white and gold tones, here the artist uses blue to emphasize her eyes. The blue eye shadow and angel wings on her eyes complement the blue lips perfectly. You can add some contacts to spice up the look.


  1. Scary Dark Angel

Scary Dark Angel

Halloween parties are incomplete without scary and creepy makeup looks. This dark angel concept is an absolute show-stopper if you can pull it off. Her black contacts, black lips, and the black drips from her eyes make this look a complete stunner. Pair this look with black wings and a black outfit as you give everyone the jitters.


  1. Creepy and Unique Angel

Creepy and Unique Angel makeup

The artist has used blue hair and blue eyebrows with simple makeup on the face in this look. What makes it unique is the use of white contacts that stands out.


  1. Bold Angel Wing Makeup

Bold Angel Wing Makeup

For this bold look, she is wearing gold and white makeup to make her eyes stand out. This is a glam look and is perfect if you want to dress up but still want to look beautiful.


  1. Simple Makeup with Rhinestones

Simple Makeup with Rhinestones

This is an effortless look, which is also glamorous. Here, the eyes have only white eyeliner flick with pearls and rhinestones underneath. It will look perfect with a halo and angel wings.


  1. Glam Makeup

Glam Makeup

This Halloween Angel Makeup is a super glam affair with purple and silver eye makeup and silver brows. There are white angel wings drawn on her face with rhinestones on the edges and gems on her lips. This look is all about glitz and glam, perfect for Halloween night.


  1. Pretty Angel Face

Pretty Angel Face

This makeup idea is a combination of a mermaid looks an angel look. She has rhinestones and sparkles on her face along with angel wings on her eyes. This is a cute and pretty look that will set you apart from the angels.


  1. Devil and Angel

Devil and Angel Halloween Makeup

This is another half devil and half angel look that is an absolute art. One side, we have beautiful blue eyes, and on the other side, we have dark, devilish eyes. The colors used are unique, and the different contacts make this look awesome.


We hope by now you have made your choice to sport one of these fantastic looks on Halloween!