Halloween Makeup Ideas

23 Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women

There is an unlimited option to choose from when it comes to Halloween costume. It is the time of the year where you get to be anything you desire. You can pick a scary, classic, or sexy character to display.

In this post, we collected for you 23 brilliant Halloween makeup ideas. Now you can find all shades of ideas to do for your spooky night.


1. Trending half skeleton makeup

Trending half skeleton makeup

The half skeleton and half sexy makeup idea are ideal. The ensemble also comes with a pirate theme, but you can choose to wear other costumes with it. You can recreate or use paint to get face makeup.


2. Adorable cat look

Adorable cat look

The cute cat Halloween makeup ideas are classic. It features red lips, bold feline eyes, and a black nose. Add some whiskers and furry textures with makeup, and you are good to go. You can count on such makeup ideas if you are running late.


3. White skull makeup

White skull makeup

For unique Halloween makeup ideas, you can try the scary look. This makeup concept details a sophisticated skull style that uses pearls and white cosmetics. Rather than use the age-old dark or black skull, you can recreate it with the white makeup. It gives a more ghostly appearance.


4. Sparkly skull

Sparkly skull

If you prefer sparkly looks, the glittery skull is the best choice. The entire look includes creepy skeleton teeth, glitters, rhinestones, contoured black, and white skull makeup. You can also add an Indian touch with some ornaments and the red dot on the forehead.


5. Harry Potter inspired look

Harry Potter inspired look

Halloween makeup ideas inspired by harry potter features a low-key, soft, and pretty look. The classic lightning scar is a must for such a theme. You can also choose to wear any Wizarding World characters costume. A pair of glasses and the iconic tie will complete the look. The idea is easy and fun to pull off, making your Halloween even more exciting.


6. Sexy leopard

Sexy leopard Halloween makeup idea

You can pull off a simple yet seductive and wild look with the sexy leopard makeup idea. With leopard print spots, black nose, and mouth, you can complete the look with the bold feline flick eyes.

You can easily find online tutorials to recreate the leopard print pattern. Such Halloween makeup idea is fun and easy to pull off.

You can choose costumes with the classic animal prints to give your entire ensemble the leopard approach.


7. The Poison Ivy look

The Poison Ivy look

Halloween is the time when you can invoke any iconic character and give your blend of twist. The Poison Ivy look is one that spells a villain and naughty. Of course, the classic dark green color makeup is necessary.

You can add 3D or hand-drawn leaves and complete the look with a red wig. What’s more, you can find Poison Ivy costumes online or put on a green outfit!


8. The Cruella De Vil look

The Cruella De Vil look

Portraying Cruella De Vil is an excellent choice for Halloween makeup ideasA dramatized Dalmatian prints on the eyelids are a must for this look. The addition of red lips, long lashes, and bold eyeliner flick is sure to make you recognizable. 


9. Sugar skull look

Sugar skull look

Another stylish and spooky Halloween makeup ideas are the sugar skull looks. Inspired by the fall, it includes blends of orange eyeshadow, face decoration with graceful patterns, fall leaves, and skull features.


10. Skeleton illusion look

Skeleton illusion look

You can paint your face with skull nose and mouth in grey color for the skeleton illusion look. A line around the eyes gives a divided look of the front wearing a mask with glam eyes. Such cool ideas provide a pretty face while retaining the scary element.


11. Black cat look

Black cat look

The classic black cat makeup idea includes the black cat mouth, whickers, and nose complete with smoky eyes. It would help to use body paints depicting Halloween black cat scenes. However, an alternative would be to use costumes instead of painting all over your body.


12. Sexy rabbit

Sexy rabbit makeup idea

Animal inspired makeup is a favorite among many people. The sexy rabbit look includes a black nose, dark lips, and glam eyes with bold flicks. You can add textures of fur on certain parts of the face for better effect. You can finish the look by adding black lace bunny ears.


13. Glitzy skull illusion

Glitzy skull illusion

It features an extravagance of glitz and glam skull illusion. The top part of the face has sexy eye makeup, while the bottom part has a painted skeleton mouth. It is essential to complete the look with pearls, rhinestones, and more. The entire makeup sets you apart from the other spooky crowd.


14. Leopard makeup

Leopard makeup

Another makeup idea is to cover the face and body parts with leopard spots. Complete the look with red lips and stylish smudged flick. The look is easy, fun, and faster to pull off when you are running late.


15. Mystical fortune teller

Mystical fortune teller

Halloween is all about scary, mystical, and magical looks. You can pull off such makeup with bold lip color, stylish eyeliner flick, and a moon on the forehead. You can wear a mystical fortune teller costume to complete the look. Remember to add the necessary accessories to define your look.


16. Bold sugar skull look

Bold sugar skull look

For sugar skull makeup lovers, the bold look takes it a level higher. It involves pretty hearts around the eyes and ghostly white face and body. The makeup also has skull features with elegant and delicate patterns. Such Halloween makeup ideas are spooky, fun, and ideal for parties.


17. Catwoman makeup

Catwoman halloween makeup

There are different versions of Catwoman makeup ideas. You can pull off the perfect look by hand-painting the mask on your face, red lips, and feline flick eyes. Accentuate your look with any black outfit.


18. Black skull makeup with hearts

Black skull makeup with hearts

The skull theme is relevant in every Halloween makeup. The look includes smokey eyes with features of black skulls and hearts.


19. Maleficent inspired look

Maleficent inspired makeup

The look features the iconic black horns with character-inspired green and purple makeup. It brings out the villainous side and is fun to pull off. Black horns are readily available in online stores.


20. Cute deer look

Cute deer look

It includes two-tone lips, a deer nose, and bold white eye makeup. You can complete the look with floral antlers and white dots. 


21. Beautiful spider makeup

Beautiful spider makeup

The scary spider theme is a favorite for Halloween makeup idea. You can use spider web designs on your head and eyes with red lips. You can also add fangs to give the vampire vibe.


22. Ghostly white skull

Ghostly white skull

You can pull off the ghostly white skull by painting your body in grey and use white for skull designs. Such makeup ideas are another version of fun Halloween skull themes.


23. Cleopatra Beautiful makeup

Cleopatra Beautiful makeup

Such makeup ideas will make you look and feel like a queen. You can create the look with ancient Egypt inspired black, gold, and blue eye makeup. You can complete the look with unique gold accessories.