Acrylic Nails Cost

How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost

When it comes to the trendy nails, the first question most people ask is: ‘’how much are acrylic nails?” but the answer varies. Acrylic nail prices depend on several factors, such as the type of service, scheduling maintenance, and customization you prefer.

Acrylic nails are intriguing, but there’s much to learn about them. So if you are curious about how much acrylic nails cost and other details, let’s discuss it here.

Cost of basic acrylic nails and repairs

Acrylic Nails

Like any other services, the price you pay in nail salons depends on the expertise and reputation. You can find a new set of acrylics for as cheap as $10, but don’t expect high-quality service and durability. The average price would vary between $25 and $40, but not more than $60 for a high-quality, clear, and simple set.

Keep in mind that the price for every set of acrylics depends on the services provided. So while the result might look alike, you will notice a stark difference in quality and services.

Usually, the starting price of good quality acrylic nails costs about $35 per set and around $30 for acrylic tips. However, that is also not a fixed rate. The prices will keep increasing based n the reputation and the expertise of the service provider.

Factors that determine the cost of acrylic nails

Six main factors determine the cost of acrylic nails whenever you visit the manicurist. Knowing these factors will give you a close estimate of your budget and expectations for price and result.

  • Timing
  • Type of gel used
  • Customization
  • Additional details
  • Reputation and expertise

Acrylic Nail Price Variations

According to the experts at Cost Helper, the acrylic nail price range is divided into three categories.

Local and small shops usually start at the lowest price. However, if it is a house call and has a high reputation for unique designs, the costs can be higher.

For mid-range pricing and quality service, visit reputed salons and spas. Their price and services are most reasonable.

Hotels and resort space charge the highest price as they often include additional service charges.

If you are not sure how much are acrylic nails, your best option is to enquire and compare.

Besides the basic clear and set, nail salons offer many different designs. If you want to add these designs, expect to pay extra, depending on the details and textures. Pinks and whites usually are the most expensive as they require additional materials and time. It will cost roughly between $50 to $80 a full set.

For creative and unique designs with themes, the price can go over $100. You will have various options from French tips to stiletto nails, coffin shapes, and solar nails. The rate rises with more details, and you might even be charged up to $120 for pre-designed nails.

Cost or Retouch and Repairs

Real nails will continue to grow under the acrylics, and the gap between the cuticles and the nails become visible. To prevent the unsightly gap, you will require regular maintenance appointments for refill and repair at least twice a month. If you are wondering how much do acrylic nails cost for refills, it usually costs about $10 to $15, or one-third of the initial price.

The more careful you are with the acrylic tips, the less often you will need to make appointments. So to prevent the ends from splitting or breaking, wear rubber gloves during chores. But if the nails lift, get it repaired or refilled ASAP to avoid fungal infections.

For every retouch or repair, assume that it costs at least $10 per basic tip. As for the specialty nail designs and shape, it can cost about $15

Reputed salons usually stock high-quality acrylics and nail tips, and their cost is much higher than regular local stores. Though slightly expensive, high-quality brands are generally the safest choice to prevent chipping and avoid frequent visits.

What if your nails are already long?

So how much are acrylic nails when you have already long nails? There are plenty of options to take care of them too. Usually, your manicurist will clip the natural nails. This is the standard procedure and costs the average price.

However, if you want to keep your naturally long nails, the price will increase. This is because you will require extra material and more time to style them. You can expect a $10 price rise from the standard rate for long nails.

Furthermore, you can also opt for sculpted nails to keep your natural nails and allow them to sculpt in different shapes. You can also choose to get only the tips done. This takes lesser time and costs less money.

How to Apply Acrylic Nails

The right way to apply acrylic nails is by ensuring that your nails are clean and dry before starting the process.

The manicurist will then file the nails and push the cuticles back to maximize your nail bed size. They will also cut off any dead cuticles and remove debris to make the fingers look more appealing and longer.

Depending on your style and design choice, the manicurist will select a set that fits your nail size and shape it according to the desired length.

You can choose between gel and power for artificial tips. There are two types of polymer available for use: liquid and powder. They are glued to the nail bed, and the manicurist will dip the brush in separate jars.

The mixture of the two formulas will quickly dry, so the manicurist will have to be an expert to ensure professionalism while applying.

After the nails are glued and secure, they are filed, buffed, and shaped to the desired length and smooth finish. Then the manicurist will paint and polish it according to your requests. Whether you want fresh pink, neutral tones, or French manicures, the process is almost the same.

Final Thoughts

So finally, how much do acrylic nails cost? The answer depends on how much you are willing to spend! Expect $10 to $20 for the cheapest and up to $120 for high-end designs and quality.