Pink Nails Design

15 Trendy Pink Nails Design You Need To Try

Long, beautiful, and manicured pink nails design can reveal a lot about your personality. Unlike other types of trends that fizzle out after a season or two, nail art has been around for centuries. In ancient China, long nails were a symbol of wealth and status.

In the modern world, nail art is not only for the wealthy. But thanks to the availability of resources, everyone can sport gorgeous nails, irrespective of gender.

Among all the colors, pink is a universally flattering color. The wide variety of shades also give you a choice to pick a shade of pink nails that makes you look like you spend hours in the salon.

In this post, we share 15 of our top choice of pink nail designs to try right now.


  1. Pink and white nails.

Pink and white nails

Pink and white are two colors that fantastically complement each other. In this design, you can paint the bottom part of each nail in any shade of pink and paint the tips in white. It is a fun twist to the classic French manicure.


You can also paint alternate nails in the two colors. Either way you decide to paint your nails, pink and white nails is for all the fashionistas out there.


  1. Light pink nails.

Light pink nails

This shade of pink is a fantastic way to add color even if you are a minimalist. Light pink nails work for all lengths and shapes of nails. Here, you can choose to paint your nails and leave it that.


Or, if you want to upgrade your style credentials, you can add glitter to a nail or two. You can also choose to design your light pink nails with crystals or add an exciting art to your nails.


  1. Hot pink nails.

Hot pink nails

Hot pink nails are not for the faint of heart, but if you can pull it off, it is a look that is guaranteed to catch attention. This color makes a spectacular stand out when painted on long and pointed nails.


To give the spotlight to this eye-catching color, it is best not to add any embellishments. But if you choose to add nail art, it is still a great look to try.


  1. Pink ombre nails.

Pink ombre nails

This design calls for well-shaped and manicured nails. Pink ombre nails look exceptionally well on medium length and those with long talons. If you are not sure that you can create the ombre effect, seek the help of a professional.


  1. Pink acrylic nails.

Pink acrylic nails

Acrylic nails have given new life to those who had trouble growing long nails and everyone in between. Pink acrylic nails are a great choice even for those who are not very fond of loud colors.


If you love experimenting with colors, though, take the length of the nail as long as you can manage comfortably.


  1. Pink and white ombre nails.

Pink and white ombre nails

This is another great design that is loved by many fashion-conscious folks. Pink and white ombre nails work seamlessly with others so you can pull this off quite effortlessly. This design looks best on medium length nails.


  1. Pink and black nails.

Pink and black nails

These two colors are not paired together very often. But they look fantastic together. You can choose to paint your nails in alternate colors or put a twist to a classic style, à la French manicure.


  1. Baby pink nails.

Baby pink nails

Baby pink nails are a very subtle color but perfection nonetheless. This design does not require any embellishments but allows your soft and clean nails take center stage. Another fantastic feature of this design is that it can be worn by even those who are not very fond of bright colors.


  1. Pale pink nails.

Pale pink nails

Pale pink nails are quite similar to baby pink nails. But the undertones of your skin will play a significant role in how the final color translates. That being said, you don’t have to be particular about adding glitter or crystals to the nail as the color alone looks fantastic.


  1. Pink and gold nails.

Pink and gold nails

These two shades of nail color is another way to express your eclectic taste. You can paint your nails with an ombre effect or paint them in alternate colors to express your individuality.


  1. Pink glitter nails.

Pink glitter nails

This design is extremely fun and works great for a weekend party or attending a fashion show. The key is to keep the glitter arrangement intentional; otherwise, you risk looking like a glitter bomb exploded in your hands.


  1. Pink coffin nails.

Pink coffin nails

Pink coffin nails are the proverbial sweet spot for sporting long nails without the sharp stiletto tip. In this design, the tips of the nails are kept square instead of pointy. So if you want to try the boldest of manicure, try out this design.


  1. Neon pink nails.

Neon pink nails

Neon pink nails are not for the faint of heart or the minimalist. There is nothing soft or minimal about this nail design. The neon pink color alone does all the talking, so you don’t need embellishments and design. But of course, you can also add them to a few nails if you really like the glittery aesthetics.


  1. Matte pink nails design.

Matte pink nails

If you love pink nails but are not sure where to begin, matte pink nails are the best way to test the waters. This nail design is a perfect way to add color to your nails without a bold look. The matte effect of the nails is soft enough to suit all tastes and occasions.


Of course, if you want to experiment, you can add crystals and glitters in a few of the nails.


  1. Light Pink and Purple Nail.

Light Pink and Purple Nail

Pink and purple shades translate royalty and classic. The same goes for a light pink and purple nail. The colors are very versatile, so you can paint alternate nails or mix and match them on the same nail.


To bring out the best in the light pink shade, keep the purple on the lighter shade as well. You can choose to add small crystals around the tip of the nail or the bottom for a glam effect.