20 Olive Green Nails You Should Try This Fall

When it comes to deciding which shades to go with your nails next, people often end up with bold red, classic nude, or pretty pink as their usual choices. However, one color often goes unappreciated, which can provide a fresh new shade for every season. Yes, we are talking about olive green.

Below are 20 of the most stylish olive manicures that you can get.


  1. Simple Olive Green Nails

Simple Olive Green Nails

While this attractive shade of green offers many combinations, its purest form has been a classic hit. It lessens your work, and all you have to do is adore them on your nails. It works on all nail lengths and looks stunning on various nail shapes. Besides being simple, the fact that it suits everyone makes it a complete winner.


  1. Unique and Glam Nails

Unique and Glam Nails

A lighter olive green shade opens up possibilities of adding glam and uniqueness in your manicure setup. You can add gold glitters, different figures, and dots to make your nails look more glamorous and attractive. As this design looks pretty and fun, you can try different styles to suit your taste.


  1. Camo Coffin Nails

Camo Coffin Nails

Nail art is an artistic way to express your mood, and there are some remarkable ways of adding them to olive green shades. You can leave some nails with matte olive green and showcase others with camo print to have a perfect combination of olive green nails. This style is fun and trendy and undoubtedly worth considering.


  1. Short Botanical Olive Green Nail Design

Short Botanical Olive Green Nail Design

If you have short nails and want some trendy design associated with olive greens, this botanical nail design will undoubtedly excite you. You can work with glitters to add a modern touch to your work. It is one of the best mani for short nails and will help you stand out in the crowd.


  1. Gold Leaves on Matte Olive Nails

Gold Leaves on Matte Olive Nails

One of the best designs to adorn with on long nails is using gold leaves. Our next design incorporates gold leaves alongside dark olive green to give you a gorgeous design. This design offers a trendy look and suits long and coffin-shaped nails. You can get your gold leaves online and watch tutorials to get the perfect look.

  1. Olive Botanical and Pink Nails

Olive Botanical and Pink Nails

If you want to have olive green nails, but with a mix of shades, this idea will excite you as it is an elegant combination. Pink is dear to every girl’s heart and for this shade blends in well with your olive green nails. We love this color combination as it provides a stunning portrayal of botanical art. You can adore it for every occasion, but our recommendation would be summer and spring.


  1. Stunning Patterned Nails

Stunning Patterned Nails

Shorter nails need more attention, and so we have a stunning design for you. This mani will score high among short-nail lovers as it combines olive green shades with sparkly and patterned designs. You can have different patterns and is a must-try for those who like to have short nails.


  1. Trendy Olive Nails

Trendy Olive Nails

If you want to keep things simple, here is another design that will undoubtedly excite you. However, this design composes a trendy look for your nails with gold lines running across, providing a jazzed feel. This combination works well for any nail length and shape.


  1. Olive and Gold Design

Olive and Gold Design

Our next design takes nail art to a whole new level. Leaving your nail part-nude can be so alluring, and this design will steal the breath of onlookers. The addition of gold makes it glamorous and stylish, where you can have stripes to spice up the look. Overall, it is an excellent color combo and must-try for those who love long nails.


  1. Nails with Olive Green Hearts

Nails with Olive Green Hearts

Many people love simple, but that doesn’t mean you don’t win hearts. Our next design will undoubtedly create a buzz around you, as this design is a beauty for short nails. You can leave one or all the nails nude and add green hearts combined with breathtaking nail art. It is one of our favorite designs and worth considering for short nail lovers.


  1. Matte Olive Nails

Matte Olive Nails

One of the best olive green shades includes matte, and our next design features a perfect matte finish. This design is simple but looks gorgeous on all nail shapes and lengths. You can adorn this mani for any occasion, and it will never let you down.


  1. Trendy and Modern Art

Trendy and Modern Art

Nail art has evolved since its inception, and you can get a lot of them with olive green. Our next nail design combines nude nails with perfect olive green and black nail art that is modern and trendy. You will love this unique look, as it is an eye-catcher.


  1. Pretty and Unique Olive Green Nails

Pretty and Unique Olive Green Nails

If you love to have coffin shape nails, then we might have a winner for you. This design incorporates wings crafted on two nails that resemble a butterfly when together. It is a beautiful nail design that deserves a second glance from onlookers – perfect for special occasions.


  1. Pretty Botanical Nail Art

Pretty Botanical Nail Art

Our next nail idea combines elegance and beauty in a stunning nail art display. This design is an excellent choice for short-nail lovers that suits any occasion. We have two nails that feature a botanical art with olive, black, and white that elevates the charm. You can adore this design for any nail shape and length.


  1. Elegant Olive Green Nails

Elegant Olive Green Nails

Our next design involves coffin shaped nails, which features different matte shades. It is a perfect color-combo as the flat light pink shade complements the dark gold glittered and the gold rhinestones nails with elegance. This design will undoubtedly attract a lot of onlookers.


  1. Glam Camo Nails

Glam Camo Nails

As we mentioned earlier, olive green shades open up many possibilities for artistic nails, and our next design justifies it. This design incorporates camo, nude, and sparkles to perfection, making olive green shades fun and glitzy.


  1. Light Olive Green Nails with Botanical Art

Light Olive Green Nails with Botanical Art

If you love the light olive green shade, then you will love this design. You can go all-out with olive green shades or try incorporating white to adore a cute look. The leafy art adds a botanical touch to this design, or you can buy a leafy nail stencil to make it more appealing.


  1. Stunning Olive Nails with Dark Olive Color

Stunning Olive Nails with Dark Olive Color

Like a light olive shade, the darker color also spreads magic to your nail designs. Our next manicure incorporates a dark olive tint with clear nails with butterflies and flowers. It is a perfect design to adore for summer and spring and keep you in the limelight wherever you go.


  1. Matte Olive Color for Coffin Nails

Matte Olive Color for Coffin Nails

This design is one of our favorite coffin nail finishes that takes the matte olive shade to a whole new level. Some nails in this design adore flat olive green, while others carry feathery artistry. You will also love the use of rhinestones that make this nail design more appealing and beautiful.


  1. Rhinestones with Botanical Nail Art

Rhinestones with Botanical Nail Art

If you have long and coffin-shaped nails, then this design is a must-try for you.  The use of gold and sparkles adds an elegant touch to the overall setup, complemented with botanical nail art and rhinestones. The leafy patterns make this design more appealing, making it one of our most-loved olive green nail designs.


So which olive green nail design would you try?