White Tip Nails

23 Stylish White Tip Nails You Should Try

White tip nails are a classic. It has defied the odds of nail fashion and remained one of the top requested looks at the nail salon.

A transparent or nude base color usually accompanies a white tip nail. However, with time nail artists have stepped up their games to create unique white tip nails.

Here are 23 stylish white tip nails you should try when you go to a nail salon next time.


1. Butterflies on the white tip

Butterflies on the white tip

Butterflies are making quite a fashion statement these days, and you can use it in your nail art to spice up a regular white tip nail. You can either draw the butterflies on the white tips using nail paint or purchase butterfly stickers for nails. For this art, a simple nude base and the white tip is all you need. Then add two to three preferred, colored butterflies on the white tip. This look is simple yet beautiful and eye-grabbing.


2. Rhinestones on long coffin nails

Rhinestones on long coffin nails

If you like sparkles and coffin-shaped nails, this look would be ideal for you. Coffin nails are one of the most popular nail looks. It is classy yet glamorous. When you have a beautiful long coffin-shaped nail with white tips, rhinestones are all you need to complete the look. If you prefer, you can go all in and add rhinestones on all the nails. You can also add the rhinestones on a nail in combination with a glittered nail.


3. Not your regular white tip

Not your regular white tip

This nail look is perfect if you are looking to spice up your regular white tip nail. The diagonal white tip makes your nail look longer and funky. Accompanied with a long coffin-shaped nail, diagonally draw your white tip on a nude base. To make it more stylish, you can opt for a colorful base and add glitters or rhinestones. This nail look can also be easily replicated at home using a nail tape.


4. Stiletto nails with white tips

Stiletto nails with white tips

Stiletto nails make a big statement, and pairing it with white tips makes it more fierce and unique. With this look, you need a neutral base color and a white tip. The gold flakes and black outline on the white tip make it more stylish. This look is easy to achieve, and it will make your nails an eye-candy.


5. White V tip

White V tip

V tips are becoming popular, thanks to its unique look. It makes you feel like you have both stiletto and coffin-shaped nails in one. This look screams class and elegance. The white v tip enhances the look of the simple nail design. It looks best paired with a nude base color.


6. V tips with ombre, glitter, and rhinestones

V tips with ombre, glitter, and rhinestones

To level up your nail game, you can add all of these nail designs to your nail. Using a combination of ombre nails with a v tip as a statement nail will ensure that everyone notices your nails. You can also go ahead and add rhinestones or glitter to your statement nail if you like.


7. Statement coffin nails

Statement coffin nails

Make your plain long coffin nails into a statement piece by adding glossy nail paint and intricate rhinestone details on two nails. The classic white tip will make the nail look more glamorous, and the rhinestones will enhance your nail fashion.


8. Chrome nails

Chrome nails

People started raving about chrome nails only recently. Although it has been in the nail fashion for a long time, chrome nails are not preferred by many people as it can be overwhelming. However, when you add a white tip to a regular chrome nail, it makes the nail look more subtle yet beautiful. You can add v chrome tip to two of the nails with nude base colors and color the rest of the nails chrome. 


9. Cherries on white tips

Cherries on white tips

Cherry designs are adorable to look at. This nail art has a nude base with white tips and cherries drawn all over the nails. It also has a single red tip to make the nail design unique and beautiful. This nail look is very appropriate for summer and is popular among teenage girls and boys.


10. Glitter and white tips

Glitter and white tips

White tips look good with any base color. When you add glitter to your nails with the white tips, it instantly upgrades your typical French manicure to a dolled-up version. This looks good with both short and long nails of all shapes.


11. Flame tips

Flame tips

The flame design has been popular for two to three years, landing its spot on clothing and accessories. It also found its spot on nail designs. The flame tips are a modern approach to the classic white tip. It is more experimental and marketable. Instead of a simple white tip, the tips are shaped like a flame in glitters or plain white color. 


12. French ombre with thin white tips

French ombre with thin white tips

Who doesn’t love ombre nails? Especially when paired with a faded white tip. It is reminiscent of a classic French manicure but presented in a modern way, hence the name French ombre. The white is faded, and it looks very magical.


13. Rhinestones with V tip

Rhinestones with V tip

If rhinestone on a regular white tip bores you, you should try it with a V tip. The rhinestones’ simple touch makes your nail look more glamorous, and the V tip accentuates your finger.


14. Matte French ombre nails

Matte French ombre nails

French ombre nails are just divine to look at. The matte touch makes it looks more soft and ethereal. This nail design is simple and mostly achieved using a sponge. The long coffin nails and soft matte touch makes the design a favorite among many brides.


15. Matte nude nail with thin white tip

Matte nude nail with thin white tip

As mentioned earlier, matte nails give the nails a softer ethereal look. Besides the ombre design, one way to add a white tip to a matte nail is by outlining the white tip. This thin white outline on the tips makes the nail looks geometric and trendy.


16. Stiletto nails with artistic design

Stiletto nails with artistic design

Spice up your regular stiletto nails by adding artistic nail arts such as a face, an object, or shape. This is a simple tactic, but it instantly enhances the entire nail look.


17. Accent rhinestone and glitter details

Accent rhinestone and glitter details

A normal coffin nail with a white tip can be enhanced with rhinestones. We have given some examples of adding rhinestones to the nails earlier. Another way of utilizing rhinestones has a long coffin nail with a nude and transparent base. Add v tips instead of regular white tips to some nails. Dedicate the middle nail to a full intricate accent rhinestone detailing. This nail look is suitable for special occasions and parties.


18. V tips with butterflies and rhinestones

V tips with butterflies and rhinestones

The combination of butterflies and rhinestones reminds us of the 2000’s fashion. Add white clean V tips to your nails with stickers of butterflies all over the nails and rhinestones in some. This is a fancy nail look, and it looks very feminine.


19. Bold white tips

Bold white tips

Instead of the regular thinner white tips, this design is the opposite. The white tips look like the base covering half of the nail. It really helps the white tips to stand out and make a statement. 


20. Short nails with white tip

Short nails with white tip

This one’s a favorite among many busy mothers and young college-goers. This nail look is easy to maintain since it has a short length with clean white tips. The nude base makes the nail look elegant and wearable. Add a glossy nail paint, and you’re good to go.


21. Subtle V tips on shorter nails

Subtle V tips on shorter nails

V tips can also be achieved on a shorter nail if you don’t like having long nails. Simply add a flesh-toned base color and a V tip. You can add rhinestones to make the nails look fancier if you plan to go out and about.


22. Simple white tips with glitters

Simple white tips with glitters

This nail design screams elegance. The three nails are given a classic French manicure, while two nails have accent gold detailing to make it posh. The great thing about this nail design is that it looks great on both short and long nails.


23. Your classic French manicure

Your classic French manicure

All the above nail styles are a direct inspiration from the classic French manicure. This chic look has a fan base of all ages. It can be achieved on both long and short nails. It looks great on any nail shape. The subtle pinkish nude base and white tips make your nails look very elegant. This is the look that will never go out of style.