Tiny Tattoo Ideas

10 Trendy Tiny Tattoo Ideas To Match Your Style

So, you’ve finally made up your mind to get a tattoo this winter! But you’re not ready for a large statement art inked on your body. Or maybe, you want a tattoo that appears subtle and nice and nothing too flashy. If this sounds familiar to you, then you’re going to love these top 10 trendy tiny tattoo ideas that we have in this post for you!

We have hand-picked each of these tiny tattoo ideas to match any personality and style. So, you can go through this article and pick the one that can suit you:


1. Matching Sun and Moon

Matching Sun and Moon tiny tattoo

Want matching tattoos with your lover, siblings, or best friend? Why not try the perfect sun and moon duo that you can share with your loved ones! The vibrant and out-going person can get the sun inked while the calmer one or introvert can opt for the moon. It’s a perfect intimate tattoo set that you can get in any part of your body.


2. Simple Tattoo Lines

Simple Tattoo Lines

Lately, simple line tattoos are becoming extremely popular for its simplicity, subtleness, and versatility. You can use this idea to create anything you want. Just discuss with your tattoo artist the tattoo vision you have and let them come up with a sketch first to suit your likings.


3. Rose

Rose tiny tattoo idea

The single rose tattoo art is a classic! People from almost all ages love this tiny tattoo. If you’re looking for an elegant, subtle tattoo idea, you can never go wrong with this! This design will look stunning anywhere on your body and will age with grace along with you. 


4. Symbols

Tiny tattoo Symbols

Here is another great tattoo idea that is not only subtle and tiny but also meaningful and cool! Everyone has one or more symbols that they can relate to. Hence, you can get miniature versions of those that will help you stay connected to the things you genuinely love. Most people love getting their favorite symbols inked on their fingers, knuckles, collar bones, etc.


5. Mini Sun and Moon

Mini Sun and Moon tattoo

This miniature tattoo idea is excellent for all the moon and sun lovers out there. It is the perfect subtle tattoo piece that anyone could wish for! This design is a creative way of illustrating your body. But it is also a great way to show your love for the stars, moon, sun, and all other things in between. 


6. Floral Strings

Floral Strings tattoo

If you’re a flower person, this floral-based tattoo is a no-brainer! This subtle floral tattoo idea will keep you staring and smiling every time you see it. The best thing about this tattoo piece is that you can customize it any way you want it. You can create any floral-based tattoo art you want, from the flower’s choice, colors of the ink to the designs and sizes.


7. Blooming Plants

Blooming Plants tattoo

Who said plants are just for decorating your rooms and balconies! You can use any of them as inspiration to create some of the best tiny tattoo pieces on your body. They’re simple, elegant, and classic. Hence, they make excellent subtle tattoo ideas. You can do some research on varieties of plants and pick the one that suits your personality!


8. Sentimental Words

Sentimental Words tattoo

This is another excellent idea for matching tattoos! You can choose some sentimental words like “always,” “forever,” “together,” or any other word that describes the relationship between you and your significant other. It is a great way to share something personal and meaningful with the person you love.


9. Anklet or Bracelets

Anklet or Bracelets tattoo idea

Do you already have a favorite tiny tattoo ideas in mind? Then a great way of having it inked on your body is in the form of a wrap-around anklet or bracelet. This is an excellent tattoo idea for all jewelry enthusiasts out there. However, get this only if you’re okay with a permanent bracelet design for always.


10. Stars

Tiny Stars tattoo

It can’t get simpler than this; small star tattoo is not only tiny but also elegant. You can get it anywhere you like and also play with the designs, the number of stars, and patterns. This tattoo is one of the most popular subtle tattoo ideas out there. But more than its simplicity and beauty, star tattoos also hold a deeper meaning, such as desire, honor, hope, guidance, and intuition.