Toe Nail Design for Summer

25 Toe Nail Design for Summer

Looking for a stylish makeover for your toe nails? With summer season closing in on us, the need to wear sandals arises! And what better way to strut those feet than with some pretty toe nail designs for the summer?


If you totally agree with this, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! Read on to know about trendy and elegant toe nail designs that will make your toe nails stand out- wherever your pretty feet take you!


  1. French pedicure with rhinestones

French pedicure with rhinestones

Who doesn’t love a French pedicure, right? Now, what if we told you that you could add a little ‘sparkly’ twist to it? Now you can get beautiful pink nails with white tips along with some rhinestones! How? Simple. You can achieve this look by having a row of these stones along the cuticle on a nail of each foot. This design will make your toes stand out during special occasions like weddings.


  1. Black and gold design

Black and gold design

Heading out to a girls’ night out? This toe nail design for summer will get your feet all glammed up for just that! To get this look, your toe nails are painted matte black with the addition of some glittery sequins of any color. We totally dig this look because, first of all, black is always in trend! Secondly, the glitters add a dash of glam, giving you the perfect design!


  1. Fun camouflage nails!

Fun camouflage nails

Looking forward to some fun and cute toe nail for summer? If so, this design is the most apt design for you- the camouflage-inspired toe nails! To achieve this look, most of your toe nails are painted green in different shades. Only one nail will have the actual camouflage print. With a trendy matte finish, you can opt to hand-paint the camouflage. You can also buy nail stencils online and recreate this look if you’re up for some DIY project!


  1. Burgundy nails accompanied by lace nail art

Burgundy nails accompanied by lace nail art

This design is one of our favorite toe nail designs for summer because it is absolutely gorgeous!

For this design, most of the toe nails are painted in a dark burgundy shade. The big toe nail will be nude and have a lace design and rhinestones. This lace art is drop-dead beautiful that you simply cannot resist it! The perfect pedicure for the fall, you can recreate this design with the help of a thin nail brush.


  1. Matte toe nail art

Matte toe nail art 

If you are more into bold colors, this design is absolutely for you! In this toe nail art, all the nails are painted in a bright matte blue color. One toe nail will then be covered in rhinestones!

Not only is the color stunning, but the rhinestones also add some glamour and glitz! You can flaunt this design while wearing your favorite summer sandals!


  1. Neon mani-pedi!

Neon manicure and pedicure

How about taking it up a notch and going for a mani-pedi that’s trendy? In this design, the toe nails are painted neon pink, while the nails on your fingers are painted neon yellow. This mani-pedi design is an absolute hit because neon shades are very trendy colors during spring and summer. You can also recreate this look by trying two different neon shades or having one neon color on all your nails!


  1. White toe nails

White toe nails

This pedicure art will add some sparkle to your toe nails! Here, one of the toe nails is silver and glittery, while the rest of them are painted white. Why white, you ask? That’s because you can wear glitter without being too excessive. Also because white and silver are a great combination!


  1. Colored pastel toe nails

Colored pastel toe nails

This design will have your toe nails painted in different pastel shades! With shades that are bright and pretty, this nail design is perfect for summer!


  1. Blue nails with one sheer black shade

Blue nails with one sheer black shade

In this design, most nails are painted in a bright blue shade, leaving out only one. This nail is painted sheer black in addition with dark tips and rhinestones. This art is one among our favorites because the black shade gives an edge to the pastel blue.


  1. Matte neon pink nail design

Matte neon pink design

If you love pink, this is your go-to pedicure! All toe nails, except for one, are painted matte neon pink. The exceptional toe nail is painted silver. You can also opt for gold instead of silver to achieve this look.


  1. Elegance with rhinestones

Elegant toe nail with rhinestones

Make your toe nails look elegant with this next design! For this look, you first get the classic French tips on all toes nails except for one. The look is accentuated by sticking blue rhinestones in the nude nail. You can also go for stones in different colors!


  1. Botanical nail art

Botanical nail art

Want to carry off a stylish and easy to wear toe nail design? Then this one will do the trick for you. Here, all the toe nails are a light nude color. One of them will have a sparkly botanical design! Subtle but eye-catching, this art will suit any occasion! You can even go ahead and hand-paint the leaf with a thin brush or a stencil.


  1. Bold matte nail art

Bold matte nail art

If you can’t get enough of blue, you can check out this design too! In this toe nail art, the nails are a vivid blue shade with one of them being different than the rest. This nail is nude with white, gold, and silver dots.  Trendy and fun, you can even recreate the dots with sequins or with the help of a dotting tool.


  1. Artistic Pink toe nails

Artistic Pink toe nails

Unique and fun, here, the nails have two different designs. One is neon pink with a black outline. The other is of different black shapes that have different shades of pink. This art looks amazing because the different shades of pink help achieve a mosaic look! You can also try a different color scheme like black and purple.


  1. Mani and pedi idea

Manicure and pedicure idea

This design will have most of your nails painted with bright orange. But some will have designs like glitter, silver, and zebra patterns on them! This zebra pattern is fun and looks perfect with the orange shade! You can even try neon pink for this design.


  1. Red with glittery silver nails

Red with glittery silver nails

If you liked the white and silver glitter design, you’ll love this too! Here, you pair up the silver design with red, creating a bold and glitzy pedicure design.


  1. Glossy pink nails

Glossy pink nails

Here’s another pink design for you! For this look, most toe nails are painted glossy pink except for one that’s matte. This nail is then adorned with silver glitter!


  1. Colorful toe nail art

Colorful toe nail art

This art is colorful and cute at the same time. Here, glossy nude nails are decorated with colorful dots, creating stylish patterns! You can DIY this art with the help of a dotting tool and a few different nail colors!


  1. Purple marble toe nail design

Purple marble toe nail design

This is another toe nail design for summer that we absolutely admire! Here, each toe nail is covered in purple marble art. This marble art takes the help of gorgeous shades of purple, dark red, and white shades. In some instances, silver foil is also used. This is a whole new unique design that you will absolutely love!


  1. Pink nails with stones

Pink nails with stones

This low-key and elegant design has all the nails in a soft and light pink shade. One nail is adorned with rhinestones. Versatile and gorgeous, this design is perfect for parties and everyday wear, too!


  1. Nude nails adorned with gold glitter

Nude nails adorned with gold glitter

For this look, all the toe nails except one are nude. This one nail is gold and glitzy, making this art stylish and chic! You can also try silver glitter when you try to recreate this look.


  1. Purple and light pink nails

Purple and light pink nails

This design will have your nails painted matte purple, except for one which is pastel pink. This pink nail is also decorated with purple rhinestones. This combination is gorgeous and is such a trendy design!


  1. Sparkly silver toe nails design

Sparkly silver toe nails design

Sparkle your toe nails by covering them in silver glitter! This design is stunning and will suit all kinds of occasions!


  1. Blue nails with rhinestones

Blue nails with rhinestones

This design is pretty and glam and we can’t wait to tell you about it! Here, all except one toe nail are painted in pastel blue shade. The one toe nail is nude, adorned with silver and blue rhinestones! Interesting and pretty, isn’t it?


  1. Bright pink nails

Bright pink nails

This last nail toe nail design for summer is bold and pink! Here, all the nails are painted with bright pink shade. One stand-out nail will be nude at the bottom. There will also be a line of rhinestones that go between the colors! You can also recreate this look by using a more subtle pink shade like pastel.