14 Original Ideas For Your Dream Wedding

Adding a token from your parents’ wedding, exchanging love letters with your soon-to-be spouse, and creating guest books you’ll want to read over and over are some of the elements that make your wedding feel ultra-personal. These are some of our favorite ideas we’ve seen lately.


1. A Bucket Of Dancing Shoes For Your Guests:

To get your guests busy on the dance floor and keep their feet happy. You must think about setting out a bucket of flip flops in fun colors. So your guests will thank you later.


2. Mason Jars Used As Candle Holders:

Mason jars are stunning, and brides usually use them in different ways. For example, this bride used them as a floating candle holder and tied a small piece of raffia on each one, and we think it is pretty perfect.


3. A Jean Jacket Over Your Gown:

If you want to get that country look, throw a jean jacket over your dress as the party continues, and you will not only be warm but looking cute as you do it.


4. A Kids Table That Is Elegant Enough To Be At A Wedding:

One of the best ways to make sure all the kids are happy and entertained is to set up a kid’s table. It looks elegant enough to be part of the wedding tables but looks fun for the kids too.


5. A Picture In Front Of The State Flag:

You can grab a state flag or another fun flag like your college flag. It will be a fun picture and a good memory for both of you.


6. A Popcorn Bar:

A popcorn bar full of colors that guests of all ages will be able to enjoy. We think it is not a good idea but a great one!


7. A Whiskey Barrel Cake Display:

You can opt for a unique way to display your cake in style by adding something unique like a whiskey barrel.


8. Books For Table Numbers:

It is one of our favorite design aspects at a rustic wedding. If you are looking for something different for your tables, opt for these book table numbers.


9. A Bike Photo Prop:

It is a unique wedding photo props that can add some personality to your wedding pictures. 


10. A Canoe For Drinks:

It can be a creative process. You can put drinks like water and soda by setting them out in something fun like a canoe.


11. A Cute Hashtag & Social Media Sign:

Set out a sign letting your guests know that social media posts are welcome at your wedding and that they are allowed to share those images.


12. A Best Day Ever Sign:

Best Day Ever sign are artistic, and these cute wedding signs are simply a must, whether it’s embroidered bunting, a DIY sign, or a fantastic chalkboard.


13. A Lemonade Stand For Drinks:

You can put lemonade stands at your wedding. It is a unique way to celebrate your wedding, especially on hot summer days. 


14. Watering Can Vase:

Think outside of the square box and find fun vintage-like items like this watering can serve as a centerpiece.