foods to avoid for weight loss

8 Foods You Should Avoid if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight does not happen overnight. You have to put in the work to get that desired healthy weight. And exercise is not the only work you have to put in. It would be best if you kept an eye on what you eat too. In this article, we will discuss what not to eat to lose weight.

Here are the eight most common foods to avoid for weight loss:


1. 100% carb snacks

100% carb snacks

Carbs are probably the most dreaded food group for anyone who is trying to lose weight. 

The body converts carbs into sugar, which directly goes into the bloodstream. In order to absorb the excess sugar, your body will produce more insulin. As a result, you experience low blood sugar and start to crave sugary treats with no nutritional value.

Snacks which contain only carbs are on the top of the foods to avoid to lose fat. Instead of these full carb snacks, you should eat meals that have a combination of healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates.


2. Frozen premade dinners

Frozen premade dinners

We all know that food is a perishable commodity. Manufacturers have noticed the demand for frozen meals that take very little time to prepare. But to keep the food fresh for longer, they inject the food with a lot of sodium and preservatives. 

Frozen meals are one of the foods to avoid for weight loss. An alternative to this quick dinner is to cook enough for two meals. You can freeze the leftovers for next time.


3. Snack bars with high fiber

Snack bars with high fiber

Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy and also makes you feel full. But everything in excess is not good for your health. If you are keeping track of what not to eat to lose weight, you should avoid consuming high-fiber snack bars.

These snack bars give you a day’s worth of fiber intake in a single sitting. It is best to spread out your fiber consumption by eating naturally fiber-rich produce. For this, you can eat any food or vegetable. 


4. Foods with low-fat content 

Foods with low-fat content 

The one mistake many people do with eating low-fat food is that they eat much more than foods that have high-fat content. On top of this, most people add more sugar to make up for less fat. In the end, more sugar is worse than more fat in your weight loss diet.

Instead of going for low-fat meals, you should choose healthy fat foods. Choose guacamole or hummus over low-fat ranch dipping.


5. Fruit juice

Fruit juice

It might sound healthy knowing that a glass of orange juice is equal to around four oranges, and you get all the vitamins of the four fruits. However, you also consume all the sugars from them. And as mentioned earlier, sugar is one of the top foods to avoid to lose fat.

In the place of juice, drink as much water as you want to quench your thirst. If you think water will not do the job, you can choose between coffee or tea without sweeteners.


6. Drinks with artificial sweeteners

Drinks with artificial sweeteners

Although the whole concept of diet sodas sound very promising, some studies have found out that they increase our craving for sugary food and drinks. So next time you find yourself going for a glass of artificially sweetened beverage, go for carbonated water instead.

Sparkling water contains no calories and also keeps you feeling full because of its carbonated nature.


7. Value-size cereal boxes

Value-size cereal boxes

For value size-cereal boxes, it is not so much as what not to eat to lose weight, but more towards how much you eat when you buy a big box. Many people eat more than usual if they buy big boxes of cereal. 

Measure your meals if you want to save money by buying value-size cereal boxes.


8. Alcoholic drinks 

Avoid Alcoholic drinks 

Yes. Booze enters the list of foods to avoid for weight loss. Alcohol does not do any good for your body regardless of how many calories a cocktail contains. And if you do not watch out for the calory content of your drinks, you double up on the weight gain journey.

The least you can do if you want to drink is to go for the lowest calorie booze available. Champagne, vodka, and gin are on the lower end of calorie content amongst the alcoholic drinks.