Silver Blue Hair

7 Trendy Silver Blue Hair Ideas You Should Try

Silver Blue hair is one of the most challenging hairstyles to pull off, but it looks amazing if you get it right. All those hours of sitting in the salon and bleaching the hair to get the consistent texture becomes worth it.

Silver Blue hair is a statement on its own, but if you are daring enough, here are more ideas you should try.

Before we head on, obtaining the right shade is a challenge and maintaining the color is another hassle. If you plan on doing it yourself, make sure you watch a good tutorial to get the ratios right. Otherwise, you could end up with rough, burnt yellow bleached hair that can take years to recover.

If you already have silver-blue hair, let’s get straight on to the trendy silver-blue hair ideas.


  1. Highlights


Highlights are the most subtle way to style this extravagant hair color. They are less risky and adds dimension to your hair cut and styles.

The best way to achieve a silver-blue highlight is by mixing it with ashy, grey, or black hair color. Getting a highlight means adding steaks of color lighter than your base hair color. You can add a full head highlight or in some strands to frame and highlight your facial structure or hair cut.

Adding highlights to the bottom layer of your hair can also add interesting texture. You can switch between a half up-do and braids to show it off. Or, if you prefer subtlety, let it fall freely while peeking between the strands as you move.


  1. Ombre Silver Blue Hair

Ombre Silver Blue Hair

Ombre is one of the most versatile choices of hair color. Besides allowing you to wear different colors in one hairstyle, it also brings out your personality.

With silver-blue hair, the ombre options are vast. You can blend it with violet, blue, and black to transition from light to dark or go pastel with white and grey.

Depending on how experimental you are, ombre can be a blend of two to five colors. It looks best when all colors are of the same tone or color palate. Since silver is a cool tone, opt for other colors with the same tone.


  1. Blending


Since silver blue is already a drastic color, blending it with a subtle color can tone it down. It adds texture to the overall result, making it look unique and polished.

The art of blending hair colors is tricky and needs professional care for the best result, so make sure you have an experienced hand when doing so.

The best blend for silver-blue hair will either be blonde. Depending on your preference, you can also make the roots darker than the tips to achieve the latest trend. If you opt for the darker roots, go with something darker than silver blue and let it blend naturally to give you a boho-chic and effortless hair color.


  1. Pastel Highlight

Pastel Highlight

Pastels have been trending for a few years now, and they are not going off the fashion radar soon. Since pastel is versatile and mostly goes will with cool tones, mixing your silver-blue hair is a smart choice.

You can transition from the glaring silver-blue to light blue. It gives an ethereal texture that looks fresh and rad.

If you don’t want too much blue, toning the blonde to silver will also work beautifully. The lighter the highlight, the better it’ll look. So don’t be afraid to go all-in and try this trend.


  1. Mermaid Silver Blue Hair

Mermaid Silver Blue Hair

If you have long silver-grey hair, the best way to show it off is by adding some waves and curls. Instead of leaving it straight, bring out the curling tongs and do a quick wrap-around. Let the hair loose for a bit and finger-comb to let it flow effortlessly.

Mermaid waves are easy to achieve even by simply braiding your hair while it is semi-wet and leaving it to naturally dry. Once you open the braid, you will find soft waves that will highlight your silver-blue hair.

You can also achieve the mermaid hair color by mixing it with shades of green, turquoise, or purple.


  1. Loose braids

Loose braids

Whether you have short or long hair, braids can be your go-to hairstyle. Since maintaining silver-blue hair requires a lot of care and minimum washing, braiding them can be your savior.

You can braid it to show inner highlights or to cover up greasy hair. Make sure you tease the roots if you have thin hair to give it some volume. Loose braids are also less staining on the scalp, and you can carry them off from day to night.

Make sure you loosen out some strands before tying the tip to give it an effortless yet chic texture.


  1. Metallic Blue

Metallic Blue

If you are daring enough, add some metallic blue hues to the silver-blue. Metallic trends are hot right now, and using it on your hair is as trendy as it can get. This combination looks most appealing on thick hair and pale skin.

With a metallic blue color, your hair will not only look healthier but also glossy. A stunning metallic blue hue as a subtle highlight or a full head look just as good.

If you have the personality and the time to put in the effort, you cannot go wrong with a metallic blue and silver blue combo. You can use the color in ombre or at the roots.


With those options in mind, make sure you know how to take care of your hair color. The best way to make the silver-blue hair color last is by not washing it too often. Also, try to keep it away from heat because your hair goes through enough strain during the coloring process.

Remember, your hair plays an essential factor in exposing your personality and framing your face. While hair colors are temporary, the effects of chemicals can last a long time. So while choosing a hair color, make sure you pick a high-quality brand and a professional hair-colorist, especially when using silver-blue hair color.