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20 Beautiful Undercut Bob Haircuts

There is no doubt the undercut hairstyle is in fashion these days. But many women are afraid to try it, as you usually see an undercut with very short hair. Even so, there are many ways to sport an undercut and one of the most popular being the undercut bob.


The versatility of the undercut bob lets you try the short and shaved style while keeping some length to your hair. It gives you the best of both worlds, and we love it. To save your time, we compiled a list of 20 Undercut Bob haircuts we think are beautiful.


  1. Inverted Undercut Bob

Inverted Undercut Bob

The hair is short at the back and longer towards the front while the longest length is below the chin. While this bob is beautiful as it is, it also has a trendy undercut. This undercut’s pattern is both stylish and pretty. Hair like this is very popular, and you can recreate this or try your own personalized pattern for the undercut.


  1. Short Undercut Bob

Short Undercut Bob

Feel like trying something chic and colorful? Try a hairstyle like this. Here is an example of a short bob with a red shade. The undercut is shaved and colored a different tone to make it stand out. You could try other colors to match your preference.


  1. Edgy Short Bob

Edgy Short Bob

The next hairstyle is a more modern and edgy take on the short bob. It’s a very short bob with a simple and shaved undercut. Since the bob is very short, the undercut is more prominent, which gives it a trendsetting look. The blunt cut is also a plus. You try this, or you can keep the length a little longer.


  1. Hidden Undercut

Hidden Undercut

This look is achieved with a beautiful long sleek bob and a patterned undercut. You can pretty much try any pattern you want. Since the bob will cover the design most of the time, this is a safe undercut bob for most people.


  1. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

Another modern take on the undercut bob. The hair is styled and cut into a long bob with straight bangs and an undercut. This hairstyle is for women that aren’t afraid of making a statement with their hair. Again, you can try whatever color you want and play with different lengths according to your taste.


  1. Highlighted Bob

Highlighted Bob

This next haircut is a good example of how to add highlights to your undercut bob. It’s a simple classic bob with a shaved undercut. The pink highlights are a good contrast to the darker hair, while still being easy to maintain. Of course, you try this with whichever color you want.


  1. Vintage Bob

Vintage Bob

Inspired by the hairstyles of the 1920s, this haircut sports a vintage bob with an undercut to give it that modern twist.


  1. Shaved Undercut Bob

Shaved Undercut Bob

This haircut features a longer bob reaching the chin and a super short and shaved undercut. No need for a pattern as the short undercut makes a statement by itself.


  1. Patterned Undercut Bob

Patterned Undercut Bob

This haircut works with both long and short undercut bobs. You can leave your bob at shoulder length and have a beautiful pattern on your undercut. This haircut is edgy, sleek, and stylish.


  1. Short Inverted Undercut Bob

Short Inverted Undercut Bob

This hairstyle features yet another sleek inverted bob with an undercut that can be seen at all times. The patterns are up to you, but stripes work well.


  1. Edgy Side Undercut Bob

Edgy Side Undercut Bob

The next haircut is trendy, as well as easy to wear. The hair is a slightly inverted, short chin-length bob with a patterned undercut along the side. The undercut is only visible when the hair is tucked behind the ear. This makes it incredibly versatile for many occasions.


  1. Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

For this look, the bob is styled to chin-length on one side while leaving the other side a little longer. The undercut is short and patterned. This look is beautiful if done correctly.


  1. Layered Undercut Bob

Layered Undercut Bob

Here’s an example of how an undercut bob can be stylish as well as comfortable to wear. The short blonde bob has been cut and styled with layers at the back and a shaved undercut. The undercut looks sharp and gives the already sophisticated look a slight edginess.


  1. Edgy Undercut Bob

Edgy Undercut Bob

Let your inner rockstar out with this haircut. The hair is swept to one side with layers down to the chin. The other side sports a short undercut that wraps around to the back of your head.


  1. Undercut Bob with Micro bangs

Undercut Bob with Micro bangs

This style features an inverted bob, a little longer than the chin with micro bangs. The undercut hides below the bob. So, another option for those of you who are still on the fence. The bangs make the look feel a little more contemporary as well as stylish.


  1. Super Short Inverted Bob

Super Short Inverted Bob

This haircut rocks a super inverted bob that is longer at the front and shorter towards the back. The undercut is more prominent at the back while having layers as well. This look is graceful from the front while still being edgy from the back.


  1. Short Asymmetric Undercut Bob

Short Asymmetric Undercut Bob

It has a short bob styled to be longer on one side and shorter on the other. The undercut is shaved and runs from one side to the other. Adding highlights to a hairstyle like this is not a bad idea. Feel free to experiment.


  1. Medium Undercut Bob

Medium Undercut Bob

A hairstyle that works well for people with curly hair. This undercut bob has a medium-sized bob with an undercut. You can add highlights for a 3d effect as well.


  1. Textured Undercut Bob

Textured Undercut Bob

This haircut works well with all hair types but is best suited for thicker hair. The many textured layers make the look more voluminous.


  1. Long Undercut Bob

Long Undercut Bob

This style has a shoulder-length bob with an undercut. Again, the undercut is only visible when the hair is tucked behind the ear. A good option for those still trying to dip their feet into the waters!


We hope to see you try at least one of these haircuts this summer!

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